NBA : Hidayet Türkoğlu: “Mehmet Okur and İbrahim Kutluay Help This Generation”


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Life Cost

21 / Feb / 21 20:36

Life Cost

Hidayet Türkoğlu said that they received support from Mehmet Okur and İbrahim Kutluay.

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President of Turkey Basketball Federation Hedo Turkoglu, Eurobasket 2022 Qualifiers, which is the last day I spoke to Tivibuspor before the encounter Croatia and Mehmet Okur and Ibrahim Kutluay also explained that one of the names that support the following main team.

Hidayet Türkoğlu’s words are as follows:

“We are happy that we have the right to participate in EuroBasket. After all, I am a person who believes that as an important organization and country, we should always be in such organizations. We were very happy yesterday to get the double average and then we have guaranteed it now, with the Netherlands defeating Croatia. He has a special happiness. It makes us happy to see such a result as a result of the struggle of a young team. After all, the efforts of our brilliant young people on the field always make us happy. First of all, we congratulate our Orhun teacher and then all our athlete brothers. I hope we will continue to get such success in the upcoming period.

First of all, I would like to thank Ufuk Hoca for his service. We think we did really good work with him, but sometimes we are people who believe and think that change is good for all of us. In this sense, with the decision we made with Orhun Ene, I think we thought that this change would be good for all of us in terms of basketball with the youth. We are going through a good process so far. In that sense, we would like to thank our Orhun teacher for accepting this duty and for protecting our national team.

After all, we have many friends who have contributed to the national team and added value. Mehmet Okur is one of them. We were always in dialogue with him in America. In this process, he wanted to be with our team. Thanks to Ibrahim Kutluay yesterday, he was among those who watched the match. He was one of those people who wanted to support this generation, this team. Ever since we took office, we have been trying to express that our doors are open to everyone. After all, not only us now, but these people I count are also our friends who have served Turkish Basketball in real terms and played a major role in the recognition of Turkish Basketball in the world. Seeing them under this roof makes us very happy. Mehmet is with us now. I hope it will continue like this in the future, but as I said, it makes us very happy that everyone is taking care of and supporting these young people in this process. As I said after all, this team is our team. When this team is supported by such big guys, I believe that the young friends here will also be positively affected. So I hope it will continue like this. “

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