NBA : Herbalife Gran Canaria keeps the honey on its lips


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Alex Molina Perello

13/Jan/21 23:03

Alex Molina Perello

In a crazy end of the game, Gran Canaria was unable to shoot in the last action and was left with a bad taste in their mouths after a great comeback

By Alex Molina /

Few ways to lose hurt more than Gran Canaria today. The game, very showy and even, has had two names as the main protagonists. AJ Slaughter was the best player of the match with 23 points and 10 assists for a PIR of 34, beating Isaiah Whitehead, who with 28 points and 5 assists was a nightmare for the hosts.

The Montenegrin team has one of the most powerful quintets in the competition, with names like Pullen or Kenny Gabriel -14 points both today- as Whitehead’s luxury squires, but just when it seemed that the game was tied and well tied, the almost miracle.

In 51 seconds of sheer madness, Herbalife Gran Canaria managed to tie the game: two 2 + 1 in a row by Shurna and a triple with Albicy’s 9 seconds to go tied the game at 100. Pullen scored the two free throws, and the Gran Canaria was not even able to shoot a basket in the last action for the match to end at 100-102.

Photo: Herbalife Gran Canaria

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