NBA : Haikalis: Complaint against him for attempted rape – “From now on, my lawyers will speak”


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A new complaint has reportedly come to light regarding Pavlos Haikalis, as a woman claims that the famous actor tried to rape her about 30 years ago

“He tried to rape me, he ended up on my clothes”, she is said to have stated, according to Realnews, while according to the newspaper report, this was the fifth woman in a row to file a complaint against the well-known protagonist. We remind you that a few days ago, the complaint of Iliana Arabi for sexual harassment of the actress about 20 years ago had come to light, with Pavlos Haikalis taking a public position on the incident.

Christina Z.’s complaint was filed last Tuesday at the Greek Actors Guild, with the woman describing minute by minute the attempted rape she suffered.

Christina Z. mentions in detail:

“I met Pavlos Haikalis in the late 1980s, when he had completed his military service and made his first steps in the theater, while I had just graduated from the Drama School of Leonidas Trivizas and I was trying timidly to start my career.

We met through a group of mutual friends in the theater and we had a friendly relationship for two years, without ever having any love affair between us. The image I had formed for the above mentioned was of a modest man, low-key, timid and talented. At the end of the second summer of our acquaintance, just before the start of the new theatrical season, and after a period of two or three months without communication between us, he called me to tell me that he had moved to a better apartment and invited me to go. to see it and tell our news. So it happened. I went to his house, he offered me coffee on the balcony, he told me about the good reviews he had received for his last role in the theater and the new proposals he had. Then he wanted to show me the rest of the house, while telling me that he could nominate me for a role, if given the chance.

He led me to the bedroom, supposedly to show it to me, grabbed me by the shoulders and threw me on the bed. I was shocked, I asked him what he was doing and I tried to escape and get up, but he had already immobilized me by falling on me and he attacked me with wild erotic moods, telling me that I could not leave as I had done, showing me his erection and trying to lift my skirt and take off my underwear. I was in despair, I begged him to stop, I referred to the two-year friendship we had and I told him that I feel very bad and it hurts, but he was not discouraged, he disparaged my feelings by saying that all women say the same thing, but want more, and he continued fearlessly trying to rape me “adds Christina Z.
“Despite the shock of the unexpected change in his behavior, I resisted as much as I could and avoided the rape, as a result of which he ended up on my clothes. Then I got rid of his hands and ran away. A friend, to whom I confessed the fact, then advised me to file a complaint to the Association, but I was very shocked. I felt very bad and I was afraid that I would be blamed for causing it, because I went to his house, so I did not file a complaint and kept it quiet. “Since then we met by chance once and he behaved as if nothing had happened, while I just ignored him and avoided him.”

Haikalis: “From now on my lawyers will speak”

The well-known actor, when asked about the complaint, said:

“We will take the complaints tomorrow morning from the Actors’ Association, we will see what they say and we will move on. The lawyers are talking from now on “.

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