NBA : Frank Vitucci: “I am proud of the character my actors show”


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Playing its first season in the Basketball Champions League the previous year, Happy Casa Brindisi had almost completed its squad for the 2020-21 season by the end of July. This year, coach Frank Vitucci gave an interview to the official site of the tournament in Brindisi, which won the Final 16 Round of the Champions League.

Stating that they prefer players who want to play in Brindisi, who work hard and who will contribute to having a good dressing room during the summer season, Coach Vitucci said, “With my coach team, we tried to create a family atmosphere by choosing the right players for us. We are more experienced this season and it has paid off. ” used the expressions.

Brindisi, who ranks second in the Italian League, managed to make it to the playoffs in the Basketball Champions League for the first time in its history. “We were a little unlucky last year,” Vitucci said about the previous season. The group we were in in the regular season was very competitive. Our group had teams such as Casademont Zaragoza and JDA Dijon, who took part in Final 8. Last year, we had a hard time adapting to playing both in the league and in the Champions League, as we did not have a very deep squad. However, last year was a good experience for us in this respect and we used it this year. This year we built a deeper team and did everything we could to be competitive. ” used the expressions.

Coach Frank Vitucci, who also made statements about the coaching philosophy, said, “I always said to my players, ‘Compete and enjoy when you go on the field.’ I say. After all, they play basketball and they need to enjoy it. There are few things in life that are more enjoyable than playing basketball. However, you also have to continue to work and struggle very hard. ” made the explanations.

D’Angelo Harrison, one of the most important parts of the team in the regular season, will stay away from the parquets due to his injury. Speaking about this issue, coach Vitucci said, “In the short term, he should be able to find solutions to fill the missing 1-2 players of a good team. However, the effects of losing an important piece like D’Angelo are enormous. That’s why I’m proud of the character my actors show. D’Angelo might miss a few games we’ll play in the group. We are following his situation closely. If his injury continues, we may consider making a transfer instead. ” He spoke in the form.

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