NBA: former Washington Wizards player wins lottery

According to the account of the former Washington Wizards player, Gilbert ArenasOn May 12, she left home to buy a lottery ticket. On the way, he realized that he had forgotten his wallet and his car was running out of fuel, so he stopped at a gas station to refill the tank.

Gilbert Arenas

Arenas won the lottery thanks to an indigent

While he was refueling, a homeless man approached him and asked him for some money, to which Arenas replied that he only had 10 dollars for gasoline and thus reach the place where he was going before it closed, but that he could give him 5. So, The homeless man told him to keep the money, because with only $ 5 of fuel it would not come, and that after he won the lottery he would give him $ 20. In addition, he commented that he was sure that he would take the prize.

A homeless man brought good luck to Gilbert Arenas

However, when he arrived at the place where he usually buys lottery tickets, it had already closed. The next morning, Arenas received a text message congratulating him that he had won $ 300,000, but did not pay attention, believing that it was a scam. That same day he went to that establishment again and when he arrived, its owner congratulated him for winning the lottery.

Arenas was lucky

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The man explained that he had closed the store early and, since the basketball player was not arriving, he decided to play his favorite numbers for him. Last weekend, Arenas went to look for the destitute and gave him an amount of money, which has not been disclosed. Out of happiness, the homeless man cried and gave him a big hug. “I have given money many times to homeless people, but I have never been blessed by one,” concluded the former athlete.