NBA : Fenerbahçe Beko – ALBA Berlin: Functioning Iron Dyshawn Pierre


By Semih Altinbas /

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On the closing day of the 25th week of the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague, Fenerbahçe Beko faced ALBA Berlin at Ülker Sports and Event Hall. The fight resulted in the yellow-blue team’s 89-84 victory.

With this result, our representative under the leadership of Igor Kokoskov was in a situation like 5 wins – 10 losses in the last 15th week and reached 15-10 with 10 games in a row.

ALBA Berlin was on a very challenging profile in the game where Nando De Colo starred with 26 points – 8 assists and Dyshawn Pierre scored 17 points with his incredible performance in the last quarter.

It was not an unexpected performance from ALBA under the direction of Aito Garcia Reneses, but the game contained extraordinary details as in every game.

As Eurohoops Fırın, we continue these analyzes, which we regularly conduct after the matches of our representatives.

Unsatisfactory Tempo

At the start of the match, Danilo Barthel was on the field at Fenerbahçe Beko, unlike the top five of the last weeks. Fenerbahçe could have fallen in a more difficult situation than Barthel at that pace in a scenario where we would think a start was made with Ahmet Düverioğlu, although he was in a good form as in the previous weeks.

We started to watch a match that could not be kept up with the pace of the half court, which started as a ball distribution duel of the smart longs under the leadership of Jan Vesely and Luke Sikma and progressed in this way in general in the first half.

It was a real pleasure to watch games that flow so fast but at the same time so smart. I characterize this encounter of Kokoskov and Reneses as a strategy battle that I personally will not forget for a long time, of the two great basketball minds who handle the game very well.

In the episode settled on the field with Kyle O’Quinn – Danilo Barthel – Dyshawn Pierre, Fenerbahçe started to control the hardness as he wanted. The tempo was still at the level ALBA wanted, but apart from Lorenzo Brown’s slightly generous evaluation of the opportunities he had, there was not much of a setback.

From the second quarter on, there has been difficulties in defending the double games ending with Ben Lammers and in reaching the awareness of the butt cuts, which were found as a result of short-tipping or reached the result with balls distributed directly from the top. In Fenerbahçe’s worst times this season, the lack of sensitivity to the opponents’ movement without the ball had a big share. ALBA was the team that opened this wound again after weeks.

Still, it was important that O’Quinn performed at the finishing point and his defensive stance. Even if some familiar parts do not work at all, watching a Fenerbahçe Beko that finds a way out and develops as the game progresses by keeping up with the disadvantages gives more pleasure than a win with a very good game.

Of course, if you ask Kokoskov, he would not agree, but it was a much more enjoyable experience to watch a team that was able to find solutions in the context of overcoming difficulties and did not wait for the next match to solve these problems. For example, the dynamism of Alex Perez in the 4 minutes he stayed on the field was very valuable.

One of the special titles of the game played in the first period that should be mentioned specifically was the double games between De Colo and Vesely. Regardless of whether it’s De Colo or Vesely who’s guiding the ball, they really do amazingly good work.