NBA : Fairies of the Pot: 7 Critical Thresholds and a Look Back


By Can Bedel /

Turkey National Women’s Basketball Team last 15 years, perhaps one of the most successful national team of the country’s sports.

Potanin process that began in 2005 has captured spectacular success of fairies, she had gathered interest by changing the perspective on women’s sports in Turkey.

Bringing the excitement of the Olympics to basketball fans, the fairies of the Potan engraved their names one by one, stitching their names into people’s memories.


Mediterranean Games have always had an important place for Turkish Sports. It would not be wrong to say that it is an organization that Turkish Sports uses as a ladder to rise. The 2005 Mediterranean Games had such an importance for the Fairies of the Potan and became a turning point. At the Mediterranean Games hosted by Spain, the crescent-stars performed against their rivals like “Avengers”. The rival of the crescent-stars who beat their rivals one after another and reached the finals was Croatia. It would be difficult to overthrow Croatia, which was part of the former Yugoslavia that crumbled and was an important school in basketball, and nothing was easy for the Fairies of the Pota. set the stage for a breathtaking struggle finals Croatia was defeated Turkey 68-66 and won the first gold medal champion.

Nymphs of the same year, showed Turkey’s rising success in the quarter-finals at the European Championships held on home ownership. In fact, the foundation of a generation that would run from success to success was being laid this year. Nevriye Yılmaz was now earning a super star tag.

Şaziye İvegin, Yasemin Horasan, Birsel Vardarlı and others… We were hearing our actors for the first time this year, but even if none of us were aware that day, these names would be engraved on our minds.

With the dates they will write in the coming years, their names will never be forgotten, they will become the names of newborn girls.