NBA : EYP: Will be able to watch Viber and Whats App! (Video)


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Dimitris Minaretzis

20/Feb/21 14:10

Dimitris Minaretzis

EYP will soon have a new technological tool in its hands, with which it will be able to monitor conversations or messages from Viber, the Waats App or other free telephone platforms that are widely used by millions of Greek mobile phone users.

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As “Nea” writes in a front page report, the National Intelligence Service will have the possibility of these and other similar communication applications, after of course the removal of confidentiality with the intervention of the prosecutor.

According to the newspaper report, the Hellenic Police has been looking for three years to gain access to the talks so that it can monitor suspects and help dismantle criminal organizations.

The relevant “tool” found in Italy will cover more than 1,000 applications, will be able to identify the owner of the phone, his contacts, which websites he visits, as well as which Facebook profile he can use via his mobile phone.

Although it is known that the specific applications do not provide absolute security and secrecy, EL.AS. considers that he will be successful for the work he needs, although they may not be used as much as a means of communication for πρά illegal acts.

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