NBA : Euroleague Fantasy: We choose Sakil McKissick (tables)


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“Sak Atak” of Olympiacos is not the ideal Fantasy player, but we think that for this week he can give us points. Certainly not McKissick who would fill a statistic, but… lame he finds assists, rebounds and steals, beyond his points and relatively good accuracy rates.

But we are waiting for him to put baskets and see him on the floor for a long time as Aaron Harrison will be absent and Costas Papanikolaou remains out of action. So, two positions are opened for McKissick, who under K.S. will play enough, at which point he will be able to add to your “fund” for this week.

In the last five matches of Olympiacos, in fact, he offered a double-digit number of points in four of them, culminating in the last match against Panathinaikos when he collected 21. It was in fact the second best in the season for McKissick.

Surely if you look at his statistics you will say that he gives around 10 points in every game of Olympiacos and this number alone μόνο is not attractive.

However, its price is 1.08 points and therefore you do not “sacrifice” a lot of money from your budget to get it. It does not even give many more points than 10-12. We are waiting for more.

* It should be noted that Sasha Vezenkov, who is now at 1.86 and is definitely accurate, is returning to the Olympic rotation. Those who listened to us and “pinched” him low, now rub their hands. Hassan Martin (0.95) is also in the market low, who has a long time to play a good game and maybe we will finally see him remember his good start to the season.


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