NBA : Effects: Announced 4 cases of coronavirus


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Their injuries Dunston, Mitsic and Bombay, have already made things difficult for her Effects, while the new problem is cases coronavirus.

The Turkish team announced that in a test submitted by all its members, four positive samples were found, which make things difficult for his team. Ergin Ataman.

Three of them are asymptomatic and have been isolated while the fourth member is under observation in a hospital, however the names have not been made public.

All this happened just two days before the match with his opponent Red Star (26/11) at Serbia, with the match literally in the air at this stage!

This of course is not the first time that Effects confronted with coronavirus, as well as a few weeks ago the Turkish team had reported cases, one of which was Shane Larkin. The American had not competed in the match with Maccabi, while staying out of the game with him Panathinaikos, although he was on the mission, as less than 14 days had passed since the day the case became known.

In everything that has to do with her protocol Euroleague, this stipulates that a team must have 8 players available to be able to play a game and if this is not possible, the game is postponed, no matter why the absentees can not play.

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