NBA : Dunston: He put his glasses on the centers of Olympiacos (videos)


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Efes found them in the dark against Olympiakos for ten minutes, but in the end they won 76-53, for the 25th game of the Euroleague.

The -15 at 10 ′ became +18 at 26., With Shane Larkin being the main reason for this terrible upset of the winners. And Bryant Dunston, however, laid the foundation stone for this dominance to come.

Specifically, the American center remained on the floor of “Sinan Erdem” for 32:19 ′ and counted 15 points (7/8 two points, 1/1 shots), 7 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals, 1 block and 27 in the rating system , in his second best appearance this year (in 19 matches) in score and ranking.

“We started the game sluggishly. We wanted to ensure that we would stay focused because the games against Olympiakos are always very sporty. The coach said before the game that we should ban the athleticism of their game and I think we did a good job at that.

Even when we were off target, we had our minds on defense and that was what we needed to move on. We try not to look back, just look ahead, one game at a time. It was good that everyone was here. Timber Plays is back, it was his first game in a long time. So it is good to have them all here, the energy was different and it was seen on the floor “.

This is what the old Olympiacos player said after the match, who even at the age of 35, is a guarantee for Efes, playing at the highest level. It was one of the reasons that Efes “extinguished” the pick and roll game of Kostas Sloukas-Vassilis Spanoulis, keeping at the same time at 4 and 3 points respectively Hassan Martin and Octavius ​​Ellis.

Dunston has been playing with protective goggles for a long time, after an injury in the match he got from the match of the first round against Olympiakos (30/10/20), but on Thursday night (18/2) he τα put on glasses in the opponent red and white centers.

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