NBA Draft 2021: The Pistons will pick Cade Cunningham at No. 1

The Adrian Wojnarowski era is the most informatively boring in the NBA. The franchises filter absolutely everything to him and he gives the information before they are official. With the Draft it is scandalous what he has been doing in recent years, tweeting seconds before the elections. Woj before the commissioner. This is the current NBA.

With respect to NBA Draft 2021, ESPN has already released the first elections. Thus, hours before it is announced, the NBA guru has already advanced that Detroit Pistons will choose Cade cunningham as number 1 in the draft. As if that were not enough, Woj has already advanced the following two picks: Jalen green will be elected in position number 2 by Houston Rockets Y Evan mobley in the 3 by Cleveland Cavaliers.

Open early morning

Despite Woj’s first leaks, many unknowns remain to be resolved in an early morning that is expected to be historic for the NBA. Teams like Golden State Warriors have the clear objective of turning their squad upside down from their teams 7 and 14, you have to see what happens with Usman Garuba (he will end up in the top 15 or will fall above 20). Many unknowns and an exciting night that can change the landscape of the league.

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