NBA Draft 2021: Brooklyn Nets plan for Thursday night

Brooklyn nets He has been one of the great favorites in the NBA ring this season and will be again this next season. Featuring one of the most striking historical Big-Threes in league history consisting of James Harden, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, the restructuring of the roster this summer will be quite deep.

With one of the first stages of the offseason just around the corner, the NBA Draft 2021 will be one of the stages that contributes the most to the squad of Steve Nash. In fact, so much so that the Brooklyn Nets has up to four elections. Only one in the first round and 3 in the second round, from 30 to 60.

Now, the question that many are asking is the following: Which players will the Nets select this coming Thursday, July 29? What is the profile you are looking for in the Management of the Barclays Center?

The most productive meetings

Brooklyn Nets is one of those franchises that regularly meets with a large number of players, even groups at the same time. That is, they do not focus on some figures, but gather information from many projects, and they choose based on the development of the night of the Draft.

With a special focus on the younger and veteran players – that is, turning down the middle ones – here are some of the most interesting names that have been seen with the Brooklyn Nets and could be their 27th, 44th, 49th and 59th pick:

– Josh Primo: the youngest of all. The center would be the 26th pick according to ESPN’s latest drill. A plug specialist from the University of Alabama.

– Mac McClungShooting point guard hailing from Texas Tech, closely followed by the Charlotte Hornets, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Indiana Pacers. Many points and a striking physique.

– Matt Coleman III: the escort from the University of Texas has trained with up to 5 different franchises, specialist in game vision, easy to assist and especially skilled in stealing. Nice exterior combo.

– Jalen Tate– Brother of current Houston Rockets player Jay’Sean Tate, another guard with reports in the Grizzlies, Warriors and Cavaliers, a very tall outside and with a defensive specialty superior to offense.

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