NBA: Did the Alcantaras from ‘Cuéntame’ predict the Warriors’ success in the NBA?

This Tuesday begins a new NBA season. The best basketball competition in the world returns renewed, with the signing of LeBron by the Lakers, the arrival of Kawhi Leonard in Toronto, but, above all, with the Golden state warriors as top favorites.

The Bahia franchise has dominated the NBA in recent years by winning three titles almost in a row if it weren’t for the ring achieved by the Cavaliers in 2016. His is a hegemony that is beginning to be compared with the best times of the Lakers, the Celtics or the Jordan Bulls.

However, in the history of the Warriors there is a ‘milestone’ that we had overlooked, and that is the Alcántara family, the protagonists of ‘Tell me how it happened’, they followed long before their current success … even if this was due to a set error.

The Twitter user Álvaro González (@ alvaro11GA) has discovered a small flaw in one of the recoveries of old chapters that are broadcast Clan. He tells how seeing a chapter set in 1969, several seasons before the one that is now broadcast, Mercedes enters the room of her children, Toni and Carlitos, and there in the background is a detail.

What you can see on the wall is abanderín of the Warriors. In other words, Toni (we think Carlitos was still very young) was a big fan of the NBA long before it was so followed in Spain. But there is a little mistake, the Warriors didn’t move to Oakland and took the Golden State name until 1971, two years after the time that the chapter recounts.

Therefore, if you have friends who are followers of Curry, Durant and company, you can tell them that Toni Alcántara was their reference, being the first fan of the Warriors of Spain, and it is possible that of the world, especially since the team did not yet exist with such denomination.