NBA : DeVaughn Akoon-Purcell: “TOFAŞ is Working to Make Us Comfortable, I’m Really Happy”


By M. Bahadır Akgün /

DeVaughn Akoon-Purcell, the star player of TOFAŞ Sports Club, gave a special interview to Eurohoops.

The 27-year-old American actress made candid statements from the quarantine period to many other issues.

Our interview with DeVaughn Akoon-Purcell …

– COVID-19 is a reality of our lives, until recently we were trying to cope with quarantine conditions. How did you manage this process? Especially how did you try to protect your mental health?

– I guess it was a little difficult for me at first, but then as I saw the situation in the world, I started to cope a little more. It doesn’t really affect me as much as it affects others. I found something to do. I play video games, a dog pup was in Turkey, I play with him. My girlfriend is here right now. I’m trying to find something to do as much as I can. I had the opportunity to go to Dubai among the national team. It was nice too. As I said, it probably didn’t affect me as much as it affected others but when it affects me I try to do things to find a balance so that I don’t lose my mental health.

– You mentioned that you played games during the quarantine period. Are there any games, TV shows or movies that you particularly like?

– We are currently watching Blacklist. On Netflix. I usually play Call of Duty and NBA 2K.

– We get a lot of Call of Duty and NBA 2K answers. What is your favorite, most bought team in 2K?

– I played in Denver, so I buy them a lot. Very good. I know some people in the team, but it usually depends on other teams. I’m trying to find the right match with the team I’m playing against. But I play well with many teams.

– In the Basketball Champions League, you won only one victory at the end of the first three games, but then you won all three games and left the group. You have especially impressive wins against Dijon and Nymburk. How was this process for you?

– It’s been hard for all of us. We were having some difficulties in the organization. Coaches changed, players changed, we could not find a stable squad. I don’t want to blame it on this, so I don’t want to say we got one win, but that’s the point. We knew that the only way out of the group was to win the remaining three games. We set this as a goal and worked on each match separately. The matches we played with Dijon and Nymburk were really great victories for us.

– You got great wins in these away games. How did it feel to beat Nymburk in the last match of the group in the Czech Republic and come out of the group as the leader?

– It felt really good. That game was very enjoyable just because we were there. We were behind most of the game, but we stayed together, never broke up, did not bow our heads forward. I think we could win that game like that. Before that game, I think our team started to find its identity, to see who we are, what we can do, which players can achieve what. Now we knew more about our roles than before. This helped us in that game. It was a huge win for sure.

– As you said in that game, you were behind most of them, but in the third quarter, the team’s new signer Tomislav Zubcic got three threes in a row. How do you think his experience and skills helped you after he joined the team?

– I think he came after Turkey League and have won a total of nine games in a row in the Champions League. He’s a great player, an even better person and teammate. I do not think that any other player who will be included and adapted to the team as well as he can be recruited. He came to the team with his experience. He makes the right moves every time, he never complains, he is a very positive person. It was the absolutely perfect addition for us.