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Evaggelos Papadimitriou

14/Jan/21 20:19

Evaggelos Papadimitriou


Anthony Davis commented on the addition of James Harden to the Nets.

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The NBA and the basketball world in general are talking in the last few hours about the giant trade, which sent James Harden from the Rockets to the Nets.

The Brooklyn team “sacrificed” many players and picks, but managed to create a scary trio with Kevin Durant and Kairy Irving. Expectations are high and in theory these three superstars can do anything.

But there is also the “but”.

In sports, theory has nothing to do with practice, and many NBA fans are already wondering if these players can work together harmoniously, since they all have the instinct of a leader and a scorer.

This is exactly what Anthony Davis’s answer was based on when asked about the mega deal and the creation of Brooklyn’s “Big Three”.

“They look good on paper, we’ll see how it goes when they get on the floor and play together”

It remains to be seen where the Nets will be able to go this year and whether they will meet the Lakers in the Finals or some other team.

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