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Axilleas Mavrodontis

17/Feb/21 18:20

Axilleas Mavrodontis

Exactly 27 years ago, David Robinson wrote HISTORY, with the “Admiral” scoring a Quadruple-Double and entering a closed club, being only the 4th to achieve such a thing in the NBA.

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It was February 17, 1994 when David Robinson became the fourth and last NBA player to score a “Quadruple-Double” by adding his name to a very short list of NBA players!

The “Admiral” became, as we said, the 4th to do so, after Nate Thremont, Alvin Robertson and Hakim Olazwon, with the iconic Spurs leader having 34 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists and 10 blocks, leading San Antonio victory over the Pistons 115-96.

For the. Story, Vinnie Del Negro had 23 points and another 19 points were added by Dale Ellis on behalf of San Antonio, while for the Pistons Sean Eliot had 20 points.

The enjoyable “Quadruple-Double” by David Robinson:

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