The NBA, one of the first entities in the world to take action to contain the new coronavirus, will hold a meeting next Thursday with its board of governors in which franchise owners hope to approve the plans of league general commissioner Adam Silver of resume activities in July in Orlando, Florida. The information is from the American ESPN.

The United States’ top basketball league has been examining several plans to resume its games, but several members of the board of governors have told the station’s report that they are supporting the idea of ​​bringing 22 teams to the Disney / ESPN Sports Complex with the aim of to finish the season in one place.

According to sources, if the idea goes ahead, it is likely to include regular season games and decisive matches that would guarantee a place in the playoffs, both for the Eastern Conference and for the West. The NBA needs three-quarters of owners to approve return plans, with the vast majority expressing a desire to do just that, both in meetings and in interviews held on Friday.

“We are aligning ourselves on that,” one of the franchise owners said in the report. “Nothing will be perfect for everyone,” he added. The NBA has not yet fully endorsed the plan for the resumption, but just one of the four ideas proposed to the board, to bring all 30 teams back, has almost no chance of happening.

Plans to bring just 22 teams into the game include those that have been in six games to secure a place for the playoffs at each conference. New Orleans Pelicans, Phoenix Suns, Portland Trail Blazers, Sacramento Kings and San Antonio Spurs still fight for a place in the West postseason, while only the Washington Wizards are the only ones who can still dream of a place in the top eight in the East .