NBA : Cleveland Cavaliers Confused: Kevin Porter Involved, Ticket Left!

Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kevin Porter Jr. is expected to be released from the team or traded to another team, reports Joe Vardon of .. The reason for this is a burst of anger that the player experienced in the locker room on Friday, January 15th.

The 20-year-old player, who did not play for personal reasons this season, was furious when he saw that Taurean Prince, who joined the team after the James Harden exchange, was given his locker in his dressing room.

Seeing that his locker was taken to the compartment of the team’s younger and less time-consuming players, Porter started yelling and at one point threw the food from the locker room.

According to the report, general manager Koby Altman went to the locker room and met with Porter, but Porter continued his aggressive attitude towards Altman. The Cavs tried to find a suitable trade for the player over the weekend.

Coach JB Bickerstaff heard what happened in the dressing room from his room, and when he came to the locker room, Bickerstaff was shocked by what he heard, and he got very angry.

Porter was arrested after being involved in a traffic accident in November 2020 and was indicted for misuse of the firearm in the motor vehicle, misuse of the vehicle, and illegal use of marijuana, but these charges were later dropped.

It was rumored that he was trying to help Porter, who is seen as one of the brightest future players of Cavs after last year, to return the team to the fields. Porter had played 23.2 minutes last season, averaging 10 points and 3.2 rebounds. Porter, who had a 44.2% on-field hit rate, scored three pointers with 33.5%.

Porter was sentenced indefinitely at USC for behavioral problems during his college years, but returned to the fields after two games.