NBA : Claiborne at Eurohoops: “I like when Itoudis shouts at us in Greek” (videos)


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CSKA is on a terrible moon, with the Muscovites counting 6 consecutive victories in the Euroleague and being 8-3 and second in the standings.

A key factor in this is Will Claiborne. The American returned from his injury in an incredible condition (15.9p., 4.4r.) And shows that everything that happened is now just a bad memory.

The American was a guest on the Eurohoops ‘Live Show and talked about many issues, such as the pressure on the Russian team, what has changed and is running this series, James’ winning shot against Real, Dimitris Itoudis and many more, in an enjoyable discussion.

Details of what he said on the Eurohoops’ Live Show:

For the winning basket against Real: “We all did something. I knew I would not have a good shot and Mike was free. There was no better way to get this shot. He is terrible, we have to live and die with his shots in the end, because he can take them and put them “.

For the absence of Cabasso: “We knew they would play their way. “We did not expect anything less than to try to win.”

For what has changed and CSKA counts 6 consecutive victories: | We learned that we were not as good as we thought. Now we got to know each other better and found roles. Time is of the essence and we are fine now.

For the absences due to coronavirus and how important the return of the players was: “Very important. They were missing and the trainings were different. When they returned we needed an adjustment. Nikos is doing what he can now and everything is better “.

About whether there is a secret about how he managed to return to such a good condition after his injury“It was not a secret. It is a severe injury and you need to think properly during the process. You have to work and that’s what I did. I had a great staff with me and they helped me. I feel comfortable again and this is the most important thing after such an injury. The match with Barcelona was hard for me. It was the first Euroleague match after a while and then I was in pain everywhere “.

About whether he is hungrier than before: “I am hungrier because I was missing from 25/10 and it has been a long time. Even before the break I said I wanted to be back in the Final Four. I wanted to come back to help the team. “The injury came after the best season of my career and it hurt.”

For Sengelia and Milutinov: “I believed that they would be great additions. It is always difficult to mark Toko and the fact that he came means that I will not mark him again. Nikos is huge. We knew what he did at Olympiakos and we were excited. “Every rebound is his and having such a center is great.”

For the pressure one feels in CSKA: “I was told that from the first moment CSKA, the pressure is huge. With everything the team gives and has achieved, you have to win. All we care about is winning and playing basketball. The second place is not an option. That, of course, is my goal. I do not want to be in a team that does not only aim to win “.

For what he would say to the players who were not selected in the Draft: Basketball is played everywhere. It is not the end of the road not to be chosen. Everyone dreams of the NBA but there is another way and it is full of terrible things. Through this you can see the world. You have to get to know the people, the food and that will not last forever, so you have to enjoy it “.

For the great goal of his career: “I have achieved a lot, but what I have in mind is to withdraw my shirt somewhere. That’s what I’m fighting for now. I wish he was in CSKA. “If I end my career at CSKA, I want my shirt to be withdrawn”.

For what Dimitris Itoudis likes: “The way he speaks, what he says, their voices, the… Greek he says. He is in the game and he lives it with intensity. He wants to win. “It’s fun how the match lives.”

For the players he likes to have against him“I like to beat DeColo and Hilliard. I liked to mark them in training. “If Nanto put a basket on me, he would not let me forget it”.

Full interview on Eurohoops’ Live Show:

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