NBA : Bertomeu: “I am optimistic that Bayern will get a permanent contract – No dispute with FIBA”


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The president of Bayern and the management of the team met on Thursday (14/1) with Jordi Bertomeu, in order to discuss the future of the Bavarians in the organization and the possibility of obtaining a permanent contract.

Jordi Bertomeu stressed after the meeting:

“I am optimistic that Bayern Munich will become a shareholder along with the other 11 shareholder teams. Everything that Uli Hennes (former President of the team) had said was kept intact. It is very important for us to have a clear vision. Bayern has a very good structure and understanding of how to handle financial operations. It is not only an excellent brand, but it also has consistency, something that is necessary on a professional level “.

Herber Heiner (Team President) sees the prospect of a permanent contract as a recognition of what the basketball department has achieved in recent years.

“We are optimistic and hope that it will happen, although some details still need to be clarified. In the coming weeks, we want to have discussions on them, so that each side knows what to expect from this cooperation. The Euroleague is the second largest league after the NBA. “Playing there is an honor and a pleasure.”

It is worth remembering that Villeurbanne will soon get a permanent contract, while later the same will be done with Alba Berlin.

“No dispute with FIBA”

The CEO of the Euroleague was also asked to answer a question about the league’s relationship with FIBA, with him being clear.

“I want to point out that there is no dispute with FIBA. A project has started that concerns the windows of the Nationals and which is not in line with our calendar, but also with that of the NBA. We have been playing our system for years. Unfortunately, the time is only 52 weeks and the Nationals, the Euroleague and the rest time for the players must fit in them.

I hope in the future we will find a formula for how everything can fit. But this is in the hands of FIBA. If he believes that the existing system is beneficial for the Nationals, then they will continue it. What I want to say is this: I always want the best players on the floor, whatever the game, whatever the organization. I can not be in favor of a system that is not based on it. “But if all goes well and FIBA ​​is happy, then it’s okay.”

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