NBA : Bartzokas for coronavirus: “We lost training, but others have lost people”


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Olympiacos won against the Colossus, but the most important thing was the message it sent against the coronavirus and the help given to the fight against it, with George Bartzokas not being able to hide his joy for this initiative of its people team of Piraeus.

Details of what he said on ERT’s camera:

These matches are a great initiative and give the opportunity to the fans to see us. We have a competitive rhythm through it and it is understood that what the presidents did is a great social intervention. I am very happy to be a member of Olympiacos.

It is a sign of the times. The coronavirus made us miss training but others have lost people. We know what is happening in the world. It happens in all teams and unfortunately the coronavirus is the protagonist in the Euroleague. In what has to do with us, all 4 who were absent returned. They both played, the others will play and we will be really good when everyone is ready.

If the team is good the program will not seem heavy. So if we are in good shape, then we will bring results.

I saw a very good organization. I felt that it takes us out of the routine and at the same time it is a very important social intervention.

Let’s go win CSKA. We can be competitive and in this year’s Euroleague you can beat everyone.

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