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Although it was back with 15 points at the end of the first period, in the end Efes not only defeated Olympiakos, but did it in an easy and deafening way, as “witnessed” the final 76-53.

Ergin Ataman referred to the elements that brought the upset and the positive result to his team, emphasizing that the defense was perfect, because the pick-and-roll game of Kostas Sloukas and Vassilis Spanoulis was greatly reduced.

Details of what the coach of Efes said:

“We did not start well in the game, especially in the attack. We made a lot of mistakes in the first ten minutes, giving baskets to the open field and that is why we were at -15. But, in the second period with the players who came from the bench, Larkin, Dunston and Anderson, we became more aggressive and with Larkin we broke their defense in “one against one”. So, we found open shots and made penetrations.

In defense, especially in this match, we played almost perfectly and especially in the half court. We did not give pick and roll to Slouka and Spanouli. So, our defense was perfect. So, after the second ten minutes, we started to find points in the transition with Larkin. In the “5 vs. 5” attack we hit their changes correctly. We also lost a lot of free kicks, but we stayed in the game and reached a very important victory for us “

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