NBA : All the complaints of the actors are under the microscope of the Prosecutor’s Office



Evaggelos Papadimitriou

18/Feb/21 16:42

Evaggelos Papadimitriou

A prosecutorial investigation has been launched into the developments in the theater, following the dozens of complaints from actors about incidents of violence, sexual abuse or harassment, which have already been filed with the Greek Actors’ Association.

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The case of a well-known actor-director is going to the Prosecutor’s Office!

The Prosecutor of the Court of First Instance, Costas Spyropoulos, who is conducting a preliminary investigation into the case of these two lawsuits, is opening the investigation and now it seems that the situation is passing into other hands, after this development.

In fact, the President of the Association of Greek Actors (SEI), Spyros Bibilas, was called to submit all the information he has collected in the context of the disciplinary investigation carried out and related to this case.

In addition, the prosecutor is expected to ask Bibilas for all the complaints that have been received by the SEI for acts that remain criminally active, ie have not been barred for time reasons, in order to be investigated, this time by the Justice.

This development is very important in the “front” of the complaints that have seen the light of day so far, as it is now clear that the Prosecutor’s Office will investigate any case related to violence in the theater.

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