NBA : AEK – Ionikos 81-74: Pyrrhic victory for the “Union” – Agony for Gika (videos)


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It is clear that the team of Elias Papatheodorou has not been in good shape lately, but a good quarter of a minute in OAKA was enough to bend its resistance Ionian and return to victories in the championship with 81-74.

Now AEK after the defeats by Panathinaikos and Prometheus and the pink match sheet with them Nikaiotes has a record of 8-3, while Ionikos “fell” in 4-8.

The match

Ionian is capable of surprise

From the first period of the match, the guests showed their potential in AEK and were initially ahead with 10-8 (at 6 ′) and at the end of with 18-14.

In the second ten minutes of the game, Ionikos continued to hold the lead (25-24 at 15 ′) since the “Union” had to manage his serious injury Nikos Gikas. Finally the first part was completed with the Nicaeans taking 4 point lead (37-33).

AEK “saved” the gel

The second half of the match in OAKA started with AEK having a clearly better offensive rhythm, but defensively continuing to suffer from an imbalance with Ionikos maintaining a small lead (49-46 at 27 ′). In fact, the guests did not let the hosts overtake (55-51 at 29 ′) and closed the third period in front of me 56-53.

In the fourth and last ten minutes of the match, his team Elias Papatheodorou came in determined to win and after a long time passed in front of me 72-61 conceding just 5 points in 6 ′ minutes and with an individual score of 19-5.

2΄λεπτά before the final Ionikos reduced at 74-72 with his own individual score 11-2 and a derby match, but a three-pointer Langford at 39 ′ who made the score 77-72 was enough to end the match, which took the AEK in the end with 81-74.

Judged: Ionikos at 36 ′ was back in the score with 72-61, but with a partial score of 11-2 reduced to 74-72 at 38 ′ and AEK needed a big three-pointer (77-72) by Langford at 39 ′ to ” lock ”the victory.

Key player: Moreira was excellent with 16 points, 10 rebounds and 3 blocks, while another great match was played by Lodzeski with 21 points and 9/17 shots, Matsiulis with 12 points, 8 rebounds, 5 assists and 2 blocks and the clutch Langford with 13 points, 8 assists, 3 rebounds and 3 steals.

The ten minutes: 14-18, 33-37, 53-56, 81-74.

See the statements of Giorgos Limniatis from the side of AEK and Vangelis Aggelos from Ionikos after the game on ERT’s camera:

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