NBA : A signing with which everyone wins


By Alex Molina /

It seems that this time yes, this is the good one. After many months of rumors, everything indicates that Pau Gasol will return to Barça. If the movement is confirmed, it is undoubtedly the great bomb of European basketball in recent years: a double NBA champion returns to Europe to play his last minutes as a professional. It is obvious that the possibility that this operation ends in failure is real: Pau Gasol will turn 41 in 2021, he has not played an official game for almost two years and his last seasons in the NBA have been with a very secondary role, but his signing is one of those in which whatever happens, everyone is going to win.

The worst possible scenario is that Pau Gasol is not about to play officially. It is an open secret that his goal in recent years has been to reach the Tokyo Olympic Games and that this dream is the main reason why he has signed with Barça until the end of the season. This a priori negative situation could be understood in a positive way for Pau, since it would definitively put an end to his attempts to play with the Spanish team: if he cannot play with Barça, he can hardly do so with Spain. But what if he can play for Barça? Not only would he fulfill his purpose of preparing for the Olympics, but he could get with the club of his loves one of the few titles that have resisted him, the Euroleague.

From the point of view of Barça, the signing was mandatory. It is unthinkable that if the possibility of signing Pau Gasol comes out, Barça will not take advantage of it, no matter how afraid it will not work. There are always chances that the signings will go wrong, in basketball 2 + 2 they do not give 4, this is a variable that will always be there but knowing the good relationship between Jasikevicius and Pau, it is more than likely that the Lithuanian has given the approval of the operation and that it would not have been carried out if the prospects were not good. If it goes well, Barça will reinforce one of its most delicate positions throughout the season and will further enhance its candidacy for everything. If it went wrong, Barça will have spent just over 30,000 euros gross to bring in a legend like Pau Gasol but it will continue to be one of the best teams in Europe.

And last but not least, the point of view of the fans. I guess it goes without saying that the return of the most likely the best Spanish player in history is great news for state and continental basketball. Seeing Pau play throughout Spain and Europe was a dream for many. Despite not being able to attend the courts, watching him play against your team will be an indescribable sensation, and more than one will hesitate to celebrate or not the baskets he gets. And I no longer say anything if you are from Barça, what Surely today is one of the most exciting days of your life as a culé.

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