‘NBA 2K21’ is the new free game from the Epic Games Store for you to download and keep forever

Throughout this week, Epic Games has reserved the title of the game that it traditionally gives away each week. It is usually a sign that it is going to be a powerful and recent game (by the way, next week’s is, again, a surprise), and it has happened. This is nothing less than the recent excellent ‘NBA 2K21’ from EA Sports.

The most realistic and complete basketball game in its latest annual edition, with the official NBA players of the 2020-2021 season, and with more options and configurable modes than ever. My Career, My Team or My League are the three ways to face the game, from the most strategic to the one that simply makes it possible to play basketball games without more.

Download it and crush it

As always, to get the game you only need an account in the Epic Games Store, access the game and download it. It will always remain on your account. All this, yes, before May 27, when the new surprise game of the promotion will reveal its title and this ‘NBA 2K21’ will no longer be available.

This gift arrives over the course of the Epic’s fierce legal war with Apple on account of the excessive requirements that it demands from companies who put products for sale in their store. At the moment the process is continuing, but with it a multitude of details are coming to light about the tremendous financial efforts that Epic has to make to give away games like this ‘NBA 2K21’

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