NBA 2K21 is one of those games that you have to play in the new generation to leave you with your mouth open

We know that the new generation, made up of Xbox Series X | S and PS5 is not that it has come with a large catalog of exclusives under its arm, but at least there are third party titles that are released together with the console to demonstrate the potential it has ahead the new consoles. Not all the titles that we are seeing in an intergerational way have significant changes, beyond the improvements at the level of textures or the application of effects such as Ray Tracing.

Therefore, it is difficult to guess, at the beginning of the generation, which titles that come out for both the new and the previous one are up to the task, or at least, they have made a special effort to surprise the player and show differences. significant. It is not surprising that it is precisely NBA 2K21 that, two months after its launch in the previous generation, is one of the best exponents in terms of third party games that They take advantage of new hardware.

We are not going to discover anything new if we say that the core of the 2K game is the same in both generations, but the truth is that the company’s argument that in fact the version for the new generation of zero has enough incentives to actually , be a perfect escape from the possibilities of the new consoles at your own start.

Perhaps, the first thing that enters the eyes when entering the game on PS5 (the version that we have tested) is the graphic section. Not only have the typical high resolution texture change been included here, rather, the patterns shine on their own. It is the same game as the PS4 yes, but it feels totally different, and it is something especially significant since we are talking about a sports simulator (with certain arcade touches), which gives it a special realism that we had not seen anywhere. another sports title.

Leaving out Sony’s own titles, such as Spider-Man or Demons Souls, which are a non-stop visual spectacle, the truth is that 2K’s work with its basketball game is outstanding in terms of adapting many of the key elements of the new generation to the game. Saying that loading times are especially short is already repeating itself, because indeed they are, so much as to forget about them and that in the end it ends up being something transparent.

The truth is that there are some issues that the PS5 options take advantage of in this case to increase the immersion of the game. The aforementioned realistic graphics are just the spearhead, and all the gameplay is accompanied by improvements in the game’s audio that take full advantage of these new PS5 options, especially in regards to ambient sound of the game during matches.

In addition, the NBA 2K21 version for new generation has also included changes in the control system. The game is now able to make use of the adaptive triggers and the special vibration of the DualSense, another of those aspects focused on increasing the realism of the game. The subtle change in controller vibration enables faster anticipation of physical changes in players (such as fatigue) and the trigger pressure system makes shooting the ball more precise and above all more realistic. However, it is something you have to get used to, and the truth is that the trigger system with different levels conceptually changes the gameplay.

The game also adds some real options to the game display, such as the camera tracking system that is a real visual delight, and although it is not the most successful to play a full game, it is one of the best visual examples of what the PS5 can demonstrate, by allowing players to be seen closely and, above all, the changes in their physics and anatomy section, which is, as we say, the greatest visual exponent in a sports simulation title.

The introduction of these elements in the gameplay, together with the improvements in the lighting and the realistic graphics of the game, accompanied by the improvements in the sound, make NBA 2K21 one of those titles that the users of the new generation are almost forced to try, at least to know first-hand what the jump from PS4 to PS5 means, not so much in graphic terms, that this is a no-brainer, but in terms of immersion and realism.

Logically he also endorses the problems of the PS4 version. The changes in the gameplay such as the aim to throw the ball is still present in this version, and it is still not entirely satisfactory for a fluid gameplay. The changes to the controller help make it more precise, but it is still a change that most players did not like at launch and that its presence in the new generation version confirms that it is here to stay.

We may not be completely used to the fact that, outside of the exclusive games of each console, it is the annual sports titles that take the flag of the new generation, but in this case there are plenty of excuses to get NBA 2K21 right: is one of the titles that looks better and feels better of the new generation, at least for the moment.

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Be that as it may, if you are a regular NBA 2K player and you plan to jump into the next generation, we strongly recommend that you try the changes that have been introduced in the new version. If it is your first time with the game and also in the new generation, NBA 2K21 is the perfect example that, in terms of improvement from one console to another, things have been done very well.

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