NBA : 2020-21 Basketball CL: Best Player of Each Team in Playoffs – Part II


By Semih Altinbas /

We are slowly approaching the breathtaking playoff round of the FIBA ​​Basketball Champions League and at this stage, key players will make an appearance again.

These players, who achieved great success in the first round, had a very serious share in the fact that their teams participated in the playoff tour, where only 16 teams would take part.

So, who are the best basketball players of the last 16 teams?

Eurohoops Fırın examines K and L groups today (23 February) for you…

2020-21 Basketball CL: Best Player of Each Team in the Playoffs – Part I


SIG Strasbourg: Bonzie Colson

Bonzie Colson was a player we enjoyed watching with Darüşşafaka Tekfen, and it is not surprising that she shines like that in Strasbourg.

In 6 games in the group stage, Colson reached averages of 20.6 points – 6.5 rebounds – 1.3 assists and hits over 55 percent from the inside and is a shining star in Strasbourg’s athletic squad with his talent.

The tall Bonzie Colson from the USA, who is also famous for his success in back-turned play and outside shots, will be the biggest trump card for Strasbourg to stand out from the last 16 teams.