Naya Rivera, authorities assure that he lost his life, look for the body | AP

The authorities of the United States have considered that the actress Naya Rivera, of Puerto Rican origin and one of the most recognized faces of the series « Glee », has died in a lake in North Los Angeles after carrying out work search for 24 hours without success.

A Ventura County sheriff’s spokesman revealed at a news conference that rescue teams are working with the hypothesis of an ah0g @ mi3nto even though they have yet to locate the body of Rivera, who chartered a recreational boat with her 4-year-old son. years Wednesday afternoon and did not return.

They rented the boat around 13:00 (local time) for three hours and when she did not return at 16:30 the employees went to look for her, that’s when we received the first emergency call, said Sergeant Kevin Donoghue.

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Passengers on another boat found the minor alone, asleep and unharmed in a life jacket, who told police that went swimming with his mother, 33, « but she never made it out of the water. »

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The Piru Lake security cameras captured the moment when mother and son left on the boat, something they had done previously.

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She had experience sailing on this lake, said Sgt.

Donoghue pointed out that swimming is allowed in the place, which does not concentrate many of the dangers of open water, but « sometimes the water becomes very cold and hypothermic elements can occur, » he said, although he clarified that he does not know if they are part of this case.

The lake is a popular recreational area 90 kilometers from Los Angeles where many visitors flock to sail, do water sports and organize camping trips.

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The vegetation and the depth of the waters are hindering the search, which will last until night falls and the diving teams cannot work safely. The sergeant stressed that « if the body got hooked on something, it may never go out to the surface, « said Sgt.