NAX strengthens its leadership team with the appointment of Patrick Nicolet, former Group CTO at Capgemini

Heiner Leisten and Joe Euteneuer were appointed as chairmen of the NAX development and securitization platforms

NAX forms an ecosystem in anticipation of the next stage of growth

MANHATTAN BEACH, California, September 15, 2021– (BUSINESS WIRE) – New Asset eXchange (NAX), a company creating new markets and ecosystems around corporate assets, today announced the appointment of Patrick Nicolet to the position of President of its technology platform, Bridge.

Patrick Nicolet, former Group CTO and member of the Capgemini Board of Executive Directors, will lead the NAX technology platform and work on the development and implementation of enterprise-grade solutions aimed at driving digital asset economies. The platform’s current priority areas include currency and tokenization solutions, payment and disbursement processing, aggregated blockchain solutions, and implementation services.

The addition of Patrick Nicolet coincides with the appointment of Dr. Heiner Leisten as president of the Genesis Project, NAX’s implementation platform, and Joe Euteneuer as president of LiQid, the NAX securitization platform. Both already serve on NAX’s Board of Directors alongside high-profile business figures such as Frank Strauß, former Global Chief Executive Officer for Commercial and Private Banking at Deutsche Bank.

Jeff Schumacher, CEO and founder of NAX, noted: “Patrick is a world-class business leader and technology expert, bringing extensive experience to the team. His incorporation further strengthens the NAX ecosystem – a development platform that mines corporate assets to create asset-backed markets and ventures, a technology platform that offers technology tools and solutions to power digital assets, and a securitization platform to turn corporate assets into marketable assets. With Heiner, Patrick and Joe at the helm of each, along with the entire leadership team , we are building an infrastructure that can account for the trillions of dollars of idle value of corporate assets. “

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NAX was formally launched in January 2021, after two and a half years of growing invisibly. It is oriented to the creation of new markets and ecosystem around corporate assets. Under the leadership of serial entrepreneur Jeff Schumacher, NAX is integrated into three distinct but complementary platforms that offer a new lifecycle to give corporate assets a new purpose:

Market creation and asset-backed ventures
Genesis Project, NAX’s development platform, mines idle corporate assets to create asset-backed markets and ventures.

Asset leverage for decentralized financing
Bridge, NAX’s technology platform, uses enterprise-grade technology solutions to drive digital asset economies.

Conversion of alternative assets into marketable
LiQid, NAX’s trading platform, securitizes corporate assets to convert them into marketable assets.

Schumacher added: “The vast majority of assets around the world are not publicly traded. At NAX, we are creating an infrastructure to change the rest. From early stage through securitization, we unlock the value of underutilized corporate assets and by doing so , we create the next generation of markets. “

About NAX

NAX enables its corporate partners to realize the full potential of their own assets through the development of new securities and asset-backed ventures.

From the initial stage to securitization, NAX co-leads in the commercialization of these initiatives together with its partners. It has three different and complementary platforms to give a new purpose to corporate assets: a development platform, a technology platform and a securitization platform.

NAX is headquartered in Manhattan Beach, California, and offices in Palo Alto, New York, London, Paris, Zurich, and Frankfurt.

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