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The largest private artificial intelligence research center in France, Naver Labs Europe, located in the Grenoble region, has successfully completed a cabling project carried out by Rosenberger OSIin collaboration with Modul’Data Center (subsidiary of IP Energy). Thanks to this new infrastructure, better performance and greater scalability are offered to the activities that take place in this venue.

Naver Labs Europe is owned by the Korean company Naver, the South Korea’s first Internet portal (75% of the search market) and a key player in e-commerce and digital cloud services. During the renovation works of the buildings, acquired in 2018, it became clear that the existing optical fiber was outdated and insufficiently dimensioned. After a short selection process, the company chose Rosenberger OSI and Modul’Data Center to upgrade its infrastructure.

Naver Labs Europe renews its network infrastructure.Prioritize protection, performance, and scalability

After the installation of the entire pipeline infrastructure, the suppliers were able to work on the implementation of a tailored offer designed according to the expectations and needs of the R&D center. The product selection criteria had to take into account the protection, offering the highest possible performance and the ability to evolve into the future. The solution also had to offer a attractive price.

Therefore, it was chosen MPO technology to deploy this project. These multi-fiber connectors offer the ideal conditions to implement high-performance data networks to achieve higher bandwidths and meet future needs. This solution streamlines scalability and migration 40/100 GB Ethernet, using certified connectors for these speeds.

Installing PreCONNECT SMAP-G2 HD and OM4 Fibers

The technical teams connected different buildings with OM4 multimode fibers, pre-connected as indicated with MPO, in links of 50 to 150 m. These trunks were connected to high-density (HD) cassettes and integrated into Rosenberger OSI’s PreCONNECT SMAP-G2 HD panels.

This solution is a highly modular 19 “panel system, which use little plastic, for cabling in data centers and other buildings, offering a density of up to 72 LC Duplex or MTP ports per unit of rack height. The Partial Front Panels (FAP) and MTP modules can be easily combined and inserted without tools, and are attached using clips. The square interfaces also allow the backbone cables entering the back of the panels to be conveniently attached without tools.

Depending on the use and type of panel assembly, a wide variety of rear panels are available to accommodate cable entry. The depth of the panels can be adjusted using the 19 “mounting rails and can therefore be adapted to different rack layouts.

Installation completed and operational quickly

Despite the high security environment made up of old buildings, which created a bit more complexity during the works, the interventions took place in two phases over a month. Rosenberger OSI supported the technical teams of Modul’Data Center (Subsidiary of IP Energy) in the commissioning of the works and the optical tests, all of which were carried out to the full satisfaction of the client.

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