Navarra will ask the Superior for a curfew for the weekends

Navarra’s president, María Chivite, in a file photo (Photo: Eduardo Sanz / Europa Press via .)

The Navarrese Government has announced that it is going to send this Thursday to the Superior Court of Justice of Navarra (TSJN) a regional order in which it will request the application of the curfew during the weekends. The Executive of María Chivite has also extended the scope of said measure to the days on which parties should have been celebrated in the different Navarran towns.

The curfew would be applied in municipalities with very high risk, that is, those with an incidence of more than 250 cases in 14 days or 125 cases in 7 days. However, the Regional Government has adopted this decision after this Tuesday the TSJN rejected the curfew for all the municipalities of Navarra that were in this very high risk situation.

Among other considerations, the Navarrese Superior pointed out that the Provincial Government should have identified the affected localities as well as the specific data on infections.

The argumentation of the Provincial Government

The spokesman for the Government of Navarra, Javier Remírez, explained that they have taken note of the first judicial decision. “Logically, studying the TSJN car we have tried to adjust to the requests, requirements and guidelines set by the car itself,” he assured.

It is a more specific, more surgical measure and we believe that with that we satisfy the requirements of the TSJN

Remírez has considered that with the new order “we fine-tune the shot.” “It is a more specific, more surgical measure and we believe that with that we satisfy the requirements of the TSJN,” he said.

The regional order would be in force until July 28 and the Government wants it to come into effect at midnight from Friday to Saturday, so that it can cover this weekend, which “is a lot of social interaction in Navarra.”

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