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Beyond the different opinions generated by the narrative of The Last of Us: Part II, something that cannot be denied is that the title of Naughty Dog is the most accessible triple-A production in the world of video games, since thanks to its large section of options players with different physical disabilities can finish it. Achieving this was undoubtedly a work of great effort on the part of the developer and recently announced that they will facilitate all the learning in this matter so that other studies take advantage of it and make this level of accessibility a standard in the industry.

In an interview with Can I Play That, game designer Emilia Schatz and leading system designer Matthew Gallant discussed the process for developing the game’s more than 60 accessibility options. According to the developers, they started prototyping in 2017, months after the release of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, which, incidentally, already had some accessibility options, but that, “there was still a lot of work to do do for disabled fans ”, according to Gallant.

The creatives mentioned that having the options ready long before the final product made it easier for them to implement them in the game, as there were some that needed to be polished along with the gameplay and some were very difficult to apply.

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Naughty Dog will offer the knowledge gained to other studios

Fortunately, Naughty Dog’s effort paid off, options were available from launch day, and surely many people with a physical disability were able to finish the title. Best of all, this type of advancement can be implemented in future games and not start from 0.

In addition, Naughty Dog will support other studios that also want to offer accessibility options so that they can take advantage of these bases so that during the development of other games these functions can be implemented and even improved, according to Schatz.

“Sharing knowledge is critical to advancing accessibility support across the industry. We have discussed and collaborated, and will continue to do so, with other developers and studios that are also trying to offer better accessibility features to players, « Gallant said. « We want everyone to be able to play our titles, and we will continue to strive to be at the forefront of accessibility in games. »

What do you think of Naughty Dog’s work on accessibility? Have you already had the opportunity to try any of those functions? Tell us in the comments.

The Last of Us: Part II not only shines in this section, but there are some mechanics or features that have caught the attention of both players and developers. One of them is that of the string physics and another is that of the functional guitar, in which many users have been able to play various covers.

The Last of Us: Part II is available exclusively on PlayStation 4, but it is expected that it can also be played on PlayStation 5. If you want to know more about it, we invite you to check its profile or consult our written review.

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