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Naughty Dog just went through a tough development process to create The Last of Us: Part II. The sequel debuted successfully and involved a lot of effort from the studio’s creatives.

Contrary to what many expected, Naughty Dog will not take a well-deserved rest, as it is a fact that he is already working on his next great project. We know this since the Sony studio is looking for new staff.

Naughty Dog seeks personnel for various departments

Available vacancies don’t reveal many important details about the new Naughty Dog project. However, it is inferred that it will be a game to stop the next generation, so we will almost certainly see it on PlayStation 5.

Likewise, it is estimated that the project is in an initial phase of development. The company is looking for programmers, level and environment designers, as well as experienced animators. The information of each position suggests that it will be another single player title, as the study has accustomed us.

The vacancies mention next-gen graphics, creating compelling gameplay for future projects, as well as a possible melee combat system.

Those hired would work on « various enemy archetypes and support cast. » For now, no one knows more about it, but there is a possibility that the wait for the game will be a bit long.

In recent days, Neil Druckmann, vice president of Naughty Dog, assured that he already thinks about a third installment of The Last of Us. However, the studio is also excited about the idea of ​​working on a new IP. We will have to be patient and wait to learn more about his next game.

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The Last of Us: Part II debuted exclusively for PlayStation 4 on June 19. Look for more information about him at this link. We also recommend reading our review.