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For weeks now, Naughty Dog employees and members of the development team for The Last of Us: Part II have been the target of network harassment, name-calling, and death threats. This situation is unacceptable and unjustifiable, so Naughty Dog sent a statement condemning this type of action.

Through Twitter, the studio responsible for the development of The Last of Us: Part II shared a message condemning any form of harassment or threats against their team or people who worked on the PlayStation 4 game. They also acknowledged that their Safety is his priority and this is why he invited us to work together to end this.

In the statement, Naughty Dog also noted that they are open to critical discussion about The Last of Us: Part II and its games. That said, they believe it is important that the discussion is constructive and compassionate.

« While we are open to critical discussion, we condemn any form of harassment or threats directed against our team or cast. Their safety is our priority, but we must all work together to eliminate this type of behavior and maintain a constructive and compassionate discourse, « the study explained.

Naughty Dog team has received threats

The Naughty Dog statement comes days after Laura Bailey, the renowned voice actress who played Abby in The Last of Us: Part II, reported that she received death threats.

That said, the reality is that hostile behavior towards members of the Naughty Dog has been around since the game’s story leaked before its release. Since then, creatives like Neil Druckmann have received threats and insults of different kinds.

In fact, Druckmann, director of The Last of Us: Part II, recently shared an image showing several of the comments he’s received. In them we can see that people insult him; wishes him death and they even want him to go to hell. There are also cases of anti-Semitic, transphobic and homophobic comments.

« You can love or hate the game and share their comments about it. Unfortunately, many of the messages I have received are « vile, hateful and violent, » he said.

The Last of Us: Part II is available for PlayStation 4. You can learn more about this release by reading our review or by clicking here.