Naturally, Demi Lovato makes the first scene having sex

Naturally, Demi Lovato makes first scene having sex | INSTAGRAM

Famous singer Demi Lovato has been openly struggling with her increase of weight and comments about their body image, this thanks to a eating disorder that he developed and that he could not hide from his Instagram followers, however this time we will address the first scene in which he had relationships in his entire career and confesses that he had to overcome several obstacles to be able to show it naturally as he had never done before.

“I had to sign a scene from relations today, the first that I have! I had a bit of anxiety but the cast of the team were so professional and easy to work with that I calmed down immediately, ”he explained in his post on social media.

Demi is always sharing messages trying to break with stereotypes of the women in networks talking about their experience and taking the opportunity to share that bodies are always diverse and that you have to have self-love no matter how you are.

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“I thought how proud I am to be able to feel comfortable enough in my body to do this. Before I rarely showed my arms and now I’m at it. I don’t teach much but still, ”he says in the entertainment piece.

The also actress and singer has had quite a difficult last few years but now that she has more confidence in herself, she allows her to do things that she never imagined doing like this scene.


I don’t know but I feel good inside my skin, so when I do it and I feel attractive enough to publish it, I do it, it is important to celebrate the small victories, ”he said about this publication.

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In the image we can see the beautiful singer wearing only clothes that normally and below the outfits that we can see in her, however she left it uncovered so that we can all enjoy her excellent figure that looks quite attractive.

This scene belongs to an upcoming comic series he is working on for NBC called “Hungry” in which he will star and executive produce the series theme is a group of friends who have eating disorders who help each other while they are also looking for success in their lives and of course love.

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