Natural mask to give shine and life to dry hair. | PHOTO: UNSPLASH

The use of natural hair masks is increasingly common, because the benefit achieved through its properties is great, in addition to your hair is shiny and beautiful. If you suffer because your hair is damaged, dull and ash, this natural mask to give shine and life to dry hair, is the best solution for you.

And, in addition to being super effective in bringing your dry hair back to life, it is also super easy to prepare, cheap and very nutritiousIt does not contain any chemicals. Also, you can make it yourself at home and you surely have the ingredients in your refrigerator.

Natural mask for dry hair

Many women suffer from having dry hair, the same as originates from various factors, from genetic to environmental, and the bad habits that we are used to. However, everything has a solution, and this problem is no exception.

Therefore, this mask is what you were looking for, since it will give your mane the necessary properties to nourish it and give it a perfect texture, shine, softness and silkiness.

-1 tablespoon of olive oil

-1 avocado

-The yolk of an egg

Natural mask to give shine and life to dry hair. PHOTO: UNSPLASH

Extract the pulp of the avocado, mash it, and mix it together with the egg and olive oil, until you form a homogeneous paste. Apply evenly to your hair, and let it act for minutes, and then remove with plenty of water. Finally, apply your usual shampoo, and wash your hair very well.

If the damage to your hair is very severe, apply this mask 3 times a week, and you will notice results very soon.

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