Natti Natasha’s fiance wears ‘baby’ and ‘Superman’ in the babyshower and criticizes him

Natti Natasha and her fiancé and manager, Raphy Pina, who received criticism for clothing.

Photo: Rodrigo Varela. / Getty Images

For a long time Raphy Pina, manager and producer of several artists of the urban genre, and reggaeton Natti Natasha they kept their relationship a secret. However, over time, the rumor was already an open secret. But it was only recently that both confirmed, through their engagement, that they were ‘husband and wife’ and furthermore, that they were deeply in love with each other.

Almost at the same time as this news, it was also announced that the Dominican singer was in sweet waiting. In her own words, “This baby is a blessing and a miracle.” For several moons Natti tried to get pregnant without any success, but now and fortunately, she is very close to seeing the face of the ‘true love of her life’.

Just yesterday they published the babyshower of the baby on the way, where they also celebrated that it is a girl! As many of us know, in this type of celebration, several fun games are made that include competition of who changes a diaper faster, guess what flavor some type of baby food is, measure the belly of the future mother and several more. But the fiancé of Natti Natasha he took the humor a step higher and appeared dressed as a baby. With a kind of panties on the outside and this unleashed the ridicule of several of his followers on social networks.

But this did not stop there. He also appeared disguised as ‘Superman’, something that made the singer not bear the urge to laugh without stopping. No matter how much they criticize them, there is no doubt that this couple, together with the other children of the music producer, other family and friends, had a great time and that what reigns most in this home is a good sense of humor and smiles, in addition to the talent that they carry as a flag every day.

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