Natti Natasha shows her charms in a little pink swimsuit

Natti Natasha shows her charms in a little pink swimsuit (AP)

Natti Natasha shows her charms in a little pink swimsuit | AP

The beautiful singer Natti Natasha He left his millions of followers on Instagram with their mouths open and surely even drooling after his last publication where he leaves very little to the imagination showing his charms.

In recent weeks the name of Natti Natasha has been heard a lot on social networks, as it has become the third in discord in the separation of Karol G and Anuel AA, so everything she is doing on social networks is reason to give what to talk about.

And it is that the singer not only breaks it on a musical level, but also does it on the Instagram social network where millions of people line up to get carried away with its provocative content.

This is how, knowing what it could generate, Natti Natasha was encouraged to cross her own limits with this latest video that she shared on her official Instagram account.

With her charms in the foreground and showing much more than what she had done on other occasions, she has shown that she knows how to captivate each of the users of social networks.

Clearly one of the most representative people in Latin music today is Natti Natasha who owns a captivating voice that daily adds more followers everywhere.

Click here to watch Natti Natasha’s avid video.

What happened, delete cassette …. #amlmeremix @ khea.yf @princeroyce #Ayermellamomiexremix, “Natti wrote in the post.

Undoubtedly, the great fame he has is reflected in social networks, since every time he makes a publication, his followers react immediately.

This is how just one day after being shared so far it has almost a million likes and endless comments from its followers who are completely in love with it.

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An hour later, Daddy Yankee’s friend again shared a photograph with the same outfit, however, this time with the phrase:

Second table dish? Nevellllllllll ”. Between the two publications, the successful singer surpassed one million likes and thousands of followers praised her beauty in the comments.

There is no doubt that the Dominican singer and songwriter, Natalie Alexandra Gutiérrez Batista, is one of the most beautiful and successful women in the world of music.

One month after turning 34 years old, she is at the height of her artistic career and being heard by millions of people around the world, on different platforms.

Recently Natti Natasha boyfriend of Karol G and Myke Towers, as expected, his fans did not take long to draw sentimental conclusions.

After that topic, Natti He premiered “Yesterday my ex called me”, along with Khea and Prince Royce and in just 15 days, the music video already has more than 30 million views on the YouTube platform.

Natalia Alexandra Gutiérrez Batista throughout her career has been awarded at the Reggaeton Italia Awards, Billboard, Premios Tu Mundo, among other important celebrations that recognize Latin talent.

At the age of 14, he began to write and record his own songs, making different musical presentations that took place in his native Santiago and together with his friends, he decided to form the musical group D’Style, getting to record some musical themes, without However, the group did not achieve the expected results and eventually disintegrated, as a result, they decided to put their short musical career on a brief hiatus.

Some time later, he resumed his career with the intention of launching himself as a soloist in the urban genre and during this time he met again with the music producer Link-On, who at that time belonged to the team of music producers of the Orfanato Music Group.

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