Natti Natasha rubs her belly and gives the impression that she was not wearing anything underneath

Natti Natasha rubs her pregnant belly and gives the impression of not having anything on the bottom.

Photo: Rodrigo Varela. / Getty Images

The whole world already knows that Raphy Pina, manager, producer and sentimental partner of reggaeton Natti Natasha and the same are waiting for your first daugther. They have also learned, through the mouth of the same Dominican, what it cost you to get pregnant. For this reason and for the love that he professes, Raphy He has not stopped pampering her, nor making her Natti laugh every second. She is always by her side not only taking care of ‘both’ but recording every moment she experiences future mother.

This time, the producer recorded the moment when Natti she was putting cream on her belly pregnancy. His pajama top was open and he appeared to be wearing nothing underneath. This unleashed the comments of the singer’s followers, who did not stop being astonished to see the reggaeton rubbing her tummy ‘almost like God brought her into the world. ‘ Many even joked that he was ‘No pajamas’, same name of one of the great musical hits of the singer. In the video that the businessman published on his account Instagram you can see the two laughing out loud.

Hours later, he posted another video in which both of them go to the kitchen of the house where they reside at dawn to satisfy some craving for Natti. There is no doubt that this couple is enjoying this stage a lot, which will end in a few months when they finally have their daughter in their arms.