Natti Natasha has feelings for other men: And Raphy Pina?

Natti Natasha and Raphy Pina are one of the most popular couples of the moment, specifically within the urban genre

Singer Natti Natasha is in the limelight, lately, not only for having announced his engagement with his manager Raphy Pina, but also for the recent release of his new single, entitled « Before the sun rises », which he recorded in collaboration with Prince Royce.

The Dominican composer confessed to « . » that the release of this song occurs after « a lot of effort », at the same time that they pointed out that their goal is to break their « own schemes » in 2021. Natti Natasha He confessed to having been the one who started this musical project. At the same time, he explained that: « as soon as I listened to it, I told (my manager) Raphy Pina that it was the perfect one for us to do together. »

« I had been behind Royce for a long time, but we had not achieved a song that was up to his level and to the expectation of the people who really wanted to see and listen to us together, » she commented proudly Natti Natasha, with which evidently her manager and fiancé is more than in agreement.

Natti Natasha and Prince Royce wowed everyone. Instagram photo

Given this, Natti Natasha revealed that this melody came to her the same day that they were both filming the remix of « Yesterday my ex called me », belonging to the Argentine artist Khea. “It’s a different song than what the two of us have done in the past. Although it has the basis of reggaeton, it is much slower, very romantic, with clean lyrics ”, he highlighted.

In addition, he commented that it has a fresh combination between romantic reggaeton and « vintage » pop. The video for “Hasta que el sol” is highly artistic, something that has generated enormous happiness in Natti Natasha and Prince Royce, who argue that the post-production work and the end result is amazing.

¿Natti Natasha not satisfied with Raphy Pina ?: wants more

Natti Natasha and Raphy Pina they form one of the most popular couples of the moment, specifically within the urban genre. This has been the case since they made their romance public a few weeks ago. So both, they could not ignore, Valentine’s Day, to reaffirm how in love they are.

«In love with life and the days it gives me full of love and extreme happiness with you @ pinarecords1 I love you Happy day of love and friendship today and every day grateful for my family and my lifelong friends» wrote the reggaeton Dominican along with a photo of her with the Puerto Rican producer.

And it is that the artist is living a dream, in which clearly if she is satisfied with Raphy Pina, so she also screams that she is « in love with life. » The artist’s representative also shared the same photo as Natti Natasha. In it he wrote: «Happy Day of Love and Friendship to all the followers, friends and colleagues. Love is the main feeling that we must carry to feel great, it is not material at all. Love your core and you will feel really rich. We have a surprise for you, but there are still days to go. Who like ME is proud to say #Toybienenamorao? noticeable? ».

Since they confirmed their relationship, both of them spill love and complicity through every pore. And it is that after years carrying his Romance secretly, the couple does not have the happiness of being able to witness to their followers all the precious feelings they have for each other. !! Congratulations!!