Natti Natasha bet on red and shows off her curves in a swimsuit

Natti Natasha bet on red and shows off her curves in a swimsuit (AP)

Natti Natasha bet on red and shows off her curves in a swimsuit | AP

Singer Natti Natasha She surprises her fans once again with a spectacular pose and with a two-piece swimsuit in red, proving once again that she is a goddess and showing off her unique figure that has characterized her so much.

The Dominican singer once again left her millions of followers on social networks more than stunned with her beauty.

There is no doubt that Natti Natasha has become one of the most popular artists today and this is mainly due to the fact that she has a beautiful voice, thanks to this, the best Latin artists look to her to interpret musical themes with them.

On the other hand, in social networks the interpreter of “Without pajamas” has a great fame, since every time she makes a publication, it goes viral in just a matter of minutes.

On this occasion we will tell you about a photograph that he shared last July wearing a tiny swimsuit in two red pieces with his dog that left the users of the social network captivated.

Testing. I told them that I was going …. Water that I have Heat, “Natti wrote in the publication.

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Although the photograph was shared a few months ago, the truth is that it is still a sensation like all his photographs, so so far it has more than a million likes and thousands of comments from his followers who stayed with an open mouth.

Rica Mi Bebesitá “,” asuuuu everything is good more photos asiii “,” Nice panorama and nice teddy “,” Nice panorama and cute teddy “,” How delicious that nati natasha “,” It’s cute “,” That doesn’t favor you angle in the photo enlarging it you look flat from behind. “, were some of the many comments.

It is worth mentioning that Natti He is one of the people that we can most relate to the beach of all the celebrities out there today and there is no doubt that his Latin blood can be seen with the naked eye.

And it is that he has an absolute idyll with the beach where he makes many of his music videos, where we see him pose often and he has even had several controversies.

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It is important to note that the “Criminal” interpreter is quite active in the virtual world and constantly shows what her day-to-day life is like as a music artist and delights with fiery poses that reveal her slender silhouette.

Natalie Alexandra Gutiérrez Batista fell into reggaeton and Latin pop during her artistic development and this is how she has been awarded at the Reggaeton Italia Awards, Billboard, Premios Tu Mundo, among other important celebrations that recognize Latin talent.

Natti Natasha is an influencer, since the singer has more than 26 million followers on her official Instagram account and as we mentioned earlier, she is usually quite frequent in sharing content for her fans on this social network.

In addition, the beautiful Natti Natasha is one of the celebrities who the pandemic has not harmed so much, since despite everything she has kept working, current and placing new hits on platforms such as YouTube.

In addition to delighting his followers not only with his music, but also with his countless photographs and details of his day-to-day life on the Instagram social network.

In the last weeks, Natti Natasha made headlines for her latest hit “Diosa Remix” with which she has earned more than 28 million views on the famous YouTube platform.

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