National Detroit-Style Pizza Day: Everything You Need to Know About This Irresistible Variation

It is always a good day to talk about pizza, it is simply one of the most irresistible dishes of all time. For lovers of this earthly delight, we have news: Today, June 23, National Detroit-style Pizza Day is celebrated and without a doubt it is the perfect time to talk about the details that make it so unique and special. As its name says, it is a variant of pizza invented in Detroit (Michigan, United States) and characterized by its authentic square shape. It is popular for being a version similar to the Sicilian one, but with a thick border of dough, in addition to the traditional way the assembly of the ingredients goes the other way around. Locally, in Detroit it is also popularly known as square pizza (‘square pizza’).

Legend says: The first time this incomparable version of pizza was served was in 1946 in an establishment called Buddy’s Pizza, the rest is history since to date it has become one of the main attractions of the region. Looking back, we have Detroit a lot to thank – it’s the city that gave us Maddona, Mustang cars, and the first paved road, and sure Detroit-style pizza is possibly their greatest contribution!

A little history:

The origins of Detroit-style pizza can be traced back to a local pizzeria, Cloverleaf Pizza, which developed and began selling its flagship pizza in 1946. A deep-dish, Sicilian-style pizza, baked on blue automotive and stainless steel drip trays. fact is thanks to this artifact became famous for its unmistakable square shape. Later the founder of Cloverleaf, Gus Guerra founded Buddy’s Pizza and in a way the rest is history since it became one of the most emblematic pizza establishments in the United States and the world. Fun Fact: Buddy’s Detroit-style pizza was selected as one of 2009’s 25 best pizzas in America by GQ Magazine Food Critic Alan Richman.

What are the characteristics of a Detroit-style pizza?

– Dough and crust. Deep and thick in composition, yet light and airy in flavor. The fluffy dough is baked twice, resulting in a crispy but chewy crust.

– Blue steel trays. The most important part of the equation is said to be the method they use to cook the pizzas and it is largely one aspect that makes them unique. They are made in industrial blue steel pans, which were originally used to hold auto parts. This thick metal coating results in the crispy pizza crust. The trays are called “blue steel” because the steel has a slight blue tint when new. Today Detroit Blue Steel Pizza Trays are made by a company in Michigan.

– Must have Wisconsin Brick Cheese. Another element that makes Detroit-style pizza unique is the use of a particular cheese known as “brick cheese.” It is a soft cheese, originally made in Wisconsin, which in fact is currently one of the most famous cheeses in the region. The cheese is grown at a higher temperature than cheddar cheese, it is pressed under a building brick, and then cut into a brick-shaped log. Due to this higher temperature, the cheese has a mild and sweet taste when it is young, as it ages it acquires more mature flavors.

The ingredients go backwards. When it comes to Detroit-style pizza, the order of factors does alter the product. In a traditional way, they usually add the gourmet pepperoni directly on the hand-stretched dough. Followed by a generous layer of Wisconsin Brick Cheese, spread to the edges of the tray, in fact this is considered a key step: the cheese is caramelized on the edges and the end result is a incredibly crispy crust. The pizza is finished with tomato sauce and fresh homemade basil, in fact for many fans of this style of pizza this last step is a great success and the perfect finishing touch. It is a pizza with a lot of consistency and it is never dry.

However, locally there are many iconic establishments in Detroit that specialize in selling this succulent delicacy. It is a fact that Buddy’s Pizza takes the gold medal, being the creators of this culinary treasure, they currently have 19 locations in Michigan. However, it is a fact that Detroit-Style Pizza has grown beyond Buddy’s and local pizzerias and is a style that it has become a national phenomenon. And today it is one of the favorite variants of Americans, so that it is very easy to find a Detroit-style pizzeria on the streets of Brooklyn, Denver and Los Angeles.

Considering that it is practically impossible to resist a succulent slice of pizza. Today is a great day for honor this gastronomic delight, find a Detroit-style pizzeria in the neighborhood and indulge in a midweek craving.

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