Nathanael Cano, they find him in bed with another man | Instagram

Known more for his lawsuit with Antonio Aguilar than for his recent foray into music, Nathanael Cano shared a video where he appears in her bed with another man.

The young man of 19 years old apparently he dedicates himself to singing a new genre of music combining corridos with trap.

He claims that his style of music is called « Corridos tumbados », it is something new that today’s generations are experiencing.

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Although he was severely criticized for responding in a bad way to the interpreter of « For women like you » Nathanael managed to increase his number of followers thanks to this conflict.

« They always twist us, » he shared in his description, which apparently has a double meaning.

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In the video you can see that he begins by opening the door to his room, it is a woman who is recording and when he enters the room he asks his love if what is he doing because he is Nathanael and another person under the bedding.

The young woman was quite surprised because the person who accompanied Cano was making strange movements so he tended to lift the bedding.

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Surprised removed the coverlet and asked him what he was doing when he did this, the two boys were surprised but then laughed because they were apparently practicing with a guitar, Nathanael kept moving his arms following the rhythm and the other person playing the instrument.

He currently has two million followers on his official account Instagram and it seems that more and more it is managing to increase the number.

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On the other hand, on its YouTube channel it has 725 thousand subscribers, it also has another YouTube channel called Humble ranch in that account it already has little more than two and a half million subscribers.

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