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An Uncharted movie is already in production and Tom Holland, the actor best known for playing Peter Parker in the latest Spider-Man tapes, will be responsible for bringing Nathan Drake to life. As you know, he is not the first actor to give life to this character since in the gaming world Nolan North gave voice and attitude to the treasure hunter. Recently, this renowned voice actor spoke about the Sony Pictures production and revealed who the actor he would like to see as Nathan Drake.

In an interview with Screen Junkies, Nolan North spoke about the Uncharted movie when asked who he would like to see as Nathan Drake on the big screen. His response was unexpected to many, since he did not say he wanted Tom Holland to be, nor did he mention Nathan Fillon, an actor who many believe is perfect for the role.

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So who would Nolan North choose as Nathan Drake? To Chris Pine, actor best known for playing Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 1984. In fact, North said that he met the actor on the set of Star Trek Into the Darkness (2013) and there he said that he would like him to bring Nathan Drake to life on the big screen.

“I actually had the opportunity to see Chris Pine work [en Star Trek Into the Darkness]. I sat down with him at lunch and said ‘hey, if a script called Uncharted ever makes it to your agency, you should check it out. I think you would be perfect for one of his characters. ’(…) If they were doing a 1: 1 recreation to the game, Chris Pine has the charm, humor…. I really enjoyed working with him. He’s a solid actor and a great guy, ”said North.

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It must be remembered that the Uncharted story will focus on the origins of Nathan Drake and the way in which he formed his relationship with Sully. This means that North’s dream of seeing Pine as Nathan Drake is not compatible with Sony Pictures’ vision of the film.

And you, would you like to see Pine as Nathan Drake? Tell us in the comments.

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