Nathalie Hazim, Dominican singer and songwriter, has successfully delivered the first collections of her project « Doors in » with the organization Jompéame.

These first aid were taken to the most affected places in the municipality of Sabana Grande de Boyá, where according to Nathalie herself, many have been without financial remuneration for almost 5 months for not being able to work after the pandemic:

“It is incredible to see families of up to 10 members totally without resources to survive due to the state of emergency that we have been experiencing for more than 4 months. It breaks your heart when you see them, but at the same time it gives you more strength to promote this project, because you cannot stay this first time, ”said the artist in a press release.

The artist’s plan is to continue assisting these communities on a regular basis, with the collections that go directly to Jompéame, the contributions of the sponsors, and from now on also add those obtained by the reproductions of the video.

On the page you can see at the moment RD $ 190,000.00 Dominican pesos collected, which correspond to 126 aid kits. The goal is at least 1,000 kits, which is to be achieved with everyone’s help.

The song « Doors Inside » currently has 524,000 views on YouTube within a month of its release. In this emotional audiovisual work, he brings together many entertainment figures such as Joseguillermo Cortines, Carlos de la Mota, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Josué Guerrero and Judith Rodríguez, in moments of intimacy, revealing that what is important in the end is the love that surrounds us and that that we give from within.