Nathalie Emmanuel confesses that nude scenes in Game of Thrones hurt her career


If there is something that many fans remember of ‘game of Thrones‘is how explicit it always was, in every way, with sequences of extreme violence, as well as several nudes, many of them frontal.

Nathalie Emmanuel, who was Missandei in the HBO fiction, has denounced that these scenes have seriously damaged his career.

The actress is in full promotion of her new film project, ‘Fast & Furious 9’, and in an interview for Josh Smith’s ‘Make It Reign’ podcast she talked about how to appear nude in fiction based on George RR’s literary saga Martin provoked them to offer him projects in which there were free nudes.

When I did ‘Game of Thrones’ I accepted certain nude scenes, and the perception that there was with other projects was that, when the role required that I appear nude, they thought that I was open to doing anything because I had already appeared without clothes in the series “he added.

What people didn’t realize is that [con ‘Game of Thrones’] I accepted specific terms for that particular project and that does not have to apply to other roles that I will have. There have been people who challenged me and told me that they were essential scenes, that they were necessary. I replied that, if they required it, fine, but that I did not feel comfortable with that level of nudity and that I did not see it as necessary for certain roles, “he explained.

Emmanuel also highlights that he put in value “creative differences” that could arise, but if I felt that there was gratuitousness in the sequences and they refused to modify them, I would leave the project.

The interpreter has not been the only actress to declare that the nude scenes have damaged her career. Emilia clarke, the iconic Daenerys Targaryen, has already stated how there were other projects that she rejected because they wanted her to appear nude without a clear justification.

I am much smarter [ahora] and I know when I feel comfortable in a situation and how far I can go. I have had arguments when I said that a sheet should continue to cover me. They replied, ‘You don’t want to disappoint your Game of Thrones fans.’ I would say: Fuck them! “Clarke told the Armchair Expert podcast.

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