Nate Diaz explains why he agreed to face Leon Edwards at UFC 263

Nate Diaz says it feels like he’s fighting for the title Saturday night at UFC 263.

The Diaz ‘younger brother returns to the Octagon in a five-round fight against Leon Edwards. It’s certainly an intriguing fight and a surprise to many. After all, Edwards is not the kind of big-name showdown Diaz is used to fighting. However, Nate says he wanted to fight the best fighter and that’s what Edwards stands for.

In a recent interview for the UFC, Nate Diaz spoke of his rival on duty.

“He is quiet and he is not a person that many people know. If I’m not going to fight the biggest fights I can find, I’m going to fight the best fighters I can find. I’m out there to show people that I’m the best of the best and not just to fight on TV for fun. “

“I always want to compete like I always have. I always want to be busy, but it’s hard for me to fight anonymous opponents who haven’t done much yet. It’s not that they can’t and don’t want to. They just haven’t done it yet, and that’s why I’ve been out. I like challenges, tough opponents and making important things happen. ”

Diaz will have a tough fight against Edwards and if he wins, he would be in line for a title shot. However, according to Nate, this is already a title fight as he believes that every time he fights it is a title fight.

“I feel like this is the title. There’s not much more you can do in the game than fight me, as far as I’m concerned. I fought all these guys and I did better and I did more than all of them. So this is what you get when you get a degree. “

Nate Diaz has a point, with or without a title, many times a Diaz fight will be the biggest on the card. Plus, Nate Diaz also created the ‘BMF’ title, so at this point in his career the fan favorite is looking for the biggest or toughest fights.

Nate Diaz press UFC 263

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