Nate Burkhalter, EXATLON champion, starts another reality show

Halil Íbrahim Özbay Nate Burkhalter, champion of the fourth season of Exatlón USA.

Throughout the five seasons of the Exatlon United States competition program, we have seen different warriors rise to victory and become champions of the different editions. Among them, one of the most emblematic and beloved by the audience is perhaps the so-called “Latin Gringo” Nate Burkhalter, who with his good attitude, eternal smile, and impressive athletic and sports skills, managed to be crowned the winner of a very fourth season. difficult, which had to be extended due to the attacks of COVID-19.

Of something if there is no doubt, and it is that Nate Burkhalter has known how to face the different professional challenges that have been presented to him throughout his life, succeeding in each one of them, always from the hand of God, and his deep faith that he professes at every moment of his life. The current year is a clear example of this, Burkhalter had a small participation in a film, and since yesterday he began his seventh season in the obstacle program. and sports challenges very much in the style of Exatlon, “American Ninja Warrior”, from Telemundo’s sister network, home of Exatlon, NBC.

Nate Burkhalter has already started a new chapter

But once the page was turned and the triumph of Exatlon USA savored, Nate Burkhalter was ready to savor new challenges and overcome new obstacles. For this reason, when he was presented with the opportunity to return to the program where his entire adventure began, American Ninja Warrior, for a seventh time, he accepted it without thinking. On this, at the time he spoke through his Instagram profile:

Regarding this new beginning, at the time of announcing it, he was very grateful for a new opportunity to compete, highlighting the quality of athletes involved in this edition and said that such an experience is never taken lightly, he assumes it with all the commitment that represents, especially after having been rejected the first two years that he participated.

But on May 31, with a dynamic photo where he is seen in his element, avoiding an obstacle, Nate Burkhalter asked his followers to be prepared to accompany him in a new challenge on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior.

“See me tonight at @nbc for @ninjawarrior’s season debut!

I am excited to compete for my seventh season and I feel like I am in the best shape of my life! I can’t wait to see how far I can push myself on the field and try to ring another bell!

Keep an eye out for some of the new entrants to show what they have! It will be an exciting new season and I am always so grateful to be a part of something so special!

I am very grateful that God has given me the opportunity to compete in great shows like Ninja Warrior and @exatlonestadosunidos.

My calling is to BE THE LIGHT! ” Nate Burkhalter said in his message.

From here we send all the best energies to the champion of EXATLON 4 USA, so that he takes this participation to the triumph to which he has constantly accustomed us.

Hit it all, champ!

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